Ophthalmology specialist position

in Västervik city in Kalmar Region

Eye Clinic

Description of the hospital and the clinic

Västervik’s Hospital is an emergency hospital which is located a stone’s throw from the sea and Västervik’s centre. With broad competence and high specialization, we provide good care and security for the citizens of northern Kalmar county. Committed employees work every day for high medical quality, availability and satisfied patients. The hospital has about 160 somatic and 60 psychiatric care places. With us, around 1,500 employees work with meaningful and developing work.

We offer a well-functioning eye clinic in Västervik which has about 50 employees and also conducts reception activities in Oskarshamn and Vimmerby. The clinic has also a day-ward and an operation-ward. The largest volumes for the clinic are diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic changes and eye diseases in children. We have one care-place in the hospital for inpatients. At our operation unit, we perform cataract-surgery, glaucoma-surgery, plastic surgery as well as injections called Anti Vegf treatments.

The reception is well equipped with new fundus cameras and humphrey perimetry on all three locations, there is OCT camera in Västervik and Oskarshamn. In the day and surgery unit there are two operating theatres and laser operations. In the surgical department in Västervik, approximately 1150 cataract operations are performed per year and approximately 1600 intravitreal injections and approximately 250 outpatient operations. We have two employees who perform glaucoma surgery.

The catchment area is northern Kalmar county with approximately 100,000 inhabitants.

Our values are: open – engaged- knowledgeable with the vison: patient is first.

Our mission is that we provide specialist healthcare for eye diseases, which includes investigation / diagnosis, medical-surgical treatment.

Number of employees and occupational categories

50 employees in various professions: doctors, ophthalmology nurses, general nurses, medical secretaries, assistant nurses, orthopists and opticians.

Job description

The assignment is in Ophthalmology where you work independently in our receptions, first of all in Västervik but work in Oskarshamn and Vimmerby can also occur. The assignment contains everything from acute emergency patients till planned patient reception, laser-treatments, Anti VeGf-activity, patients with illnesses like glaucoma, macula-diseases, diabetes, child ophthalmology etc. You work close to the rest of the team to be able to give the best treatment-result to the patients.

The clinic is on stand-by 24/7.

Training requirements

Specialist in Ophthalmology.

Experience required

Has worked as a specialist at least for two years.

Other requirements

Driving licence.

Competences and skills which are especially important for position

A doctor in this position must be service-oriented, engaged, good at cooperation and has a positive attitude where patient’s care and treatment are the first. The doctor also must be structured and be good at planning while the service also requires flexibility. Knowledge in medical retina and paediatric ophthalmology is desirable. If there is a lack of competence in some area, there will be offered competence development in accordance with the employer’s need.

Preparedness and duty-service



During the first six months which is a probationary period: 50.000 SEK/ month.

For a specialist with Swedish legitimation and knowledge of the system including independent work: 80.-90.000 SEK / month.

About the city

Västervik is a city and the seat of Västervik MunicipalityKalmar Region with 36.356 inhabitants in 2024. Västervik is one of three coastal towns with a notable population size in the province of Småland.

Being a summer town popular with yachtspeople, campers, daytrippers, and returning former residents, Västervik experiences an annual revival in July.

Västervik offers an outdoor life of climbing, canoeing and sailing or islands to visit and stay at.

Västervik has a semi-continental type of the oceanic climate, with vast differences between seasons, but winters being milder than required for a conventional continental climate.

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible

  • During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and accommodation is financed by Mediflexible
  • 6-7 months long, free Swedish course, financial support during the course (the amount is topic of negotiation)
  • Possibility of free language education for family members – depends on individual agreement
  • Assistance with the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the process
  • 2 days long free Swedish legal and social training
  • Integration assistance (assistance in registering at tax authority, opening bank account, etc.)
  • Assistance in the organization of moving and in apartment-seeking

Documents required for application:

–  Professional English CV in which the general ophthalmology experience (number of completed examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization experience) are detailed

– cover letter

– scanned version of license to practice in home country with English translation (no official needed)

– scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official needed)

– certificate of language knowledge (English and/or Scandinavian languages)

– two English-speaking reference persons who are reachable on phone

If you are interested please send your detailed professional CV and other necessary documents to info@mediflexible.com before 26. May.