Services & support

We help our candidates with the following services in the process:

  • cultural training before the personal interview
  • full organization of the personal interview, booking and payment of travel and accommodation
  • providing free Swedish language training up to C1 level for the candidate, including textbooks and a monthly financial support
  • providing free Swedish language training for family members moving together (partner, school-age children) up to a maximum of B2 level, but in the case of professions needing a license to practice, the partner’s training may also last up to C1 level
  • apply for a Swedish license to practice and fully manage related matters
  • a 40-hour free Swedish healthcare legislation course
  • looking for an apartment in Sweden, mediation when signing a lease
  • searching for kindergarten and school, management of enrollment
  • informative assistance for the partner in finding a job
  • arranging the moving itself, booking tickets and paying travel expenses
  • providing financial support for shipping furniture and personal belongings if needed
  • personal reception upon arrival
  • providing escort and assistance for registration by the tax authority, opening a bank account, etc.
  • providing unlimited telephone assistance during the first period of living abroad


Send us a message or get in touch at any of our contact details below, and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours .

Odett Szabó:     +36 30 350 8459 László Lajó:       +36 30 385 7613

Email: Skype: mediflexible-noemi

Postal Adress: Papkert u. 10. Pécs, Hungary, H-7629