Place of work 

Borås in Västra Götaland Region 

Requirements for education 

Specialist in Nephrology. Educated in  

the EU or has EU-legitimation through  

at least three years of practice in an EU 


Description of the hospital 

Södra Älvsborgs Hospital (SÄS) is one of five hospital groups in Västra Götaland Region. There  is a broad medical business, extensive research and several educational care departments.  Most of the care is provided in Borås, but we are also located in Skene.  

The hospital is a medium-sized county hospital with about 350,000 people in the catchment  area. There are 4,100 employees in 120 different professions at the hospital. Close  collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital exists in several areas.

Description of the clinic 

The Medicine Clinic is responsible for specialized care in emergency medicine, heart disease,  blood diseases, lung diseases, allergy investigations, kidney diseases, gastrointestinal diseases,  diabetes, hormonal diseases and cancer diseases. Our biggest assignment is the care of acutely  ill, multi-sick and chronically ill patients. 

The clinic works actively with the patient’s participation in care and sees a future scenario with  the patient as an active party in the treatment. We have a good working climate and we are  looking for new solutions that can ease the administrative burden for healthcare through new  way of working and new methods. 

With the goal of a smooth flow from the emergency department to inpatient care, we have  gathered the emergency medical care in one floor. The emergency floor consists of 63 care  places in emergency general internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonary medicine and infection. 

At the emergency floor, intermediate care places are created to relieve intensive care and  places for those patients who need respiratory support. 


The clinic is a large one with 500 employees. We are divided into three  sections: 

– haematology, oncology and lung  section 

– the cardiology section 

– the medicine section. 

In addition to outpatient and inpatient  

care, we also conduct day care activities. We employ nurses, assistant nurses, biomedical  analysts, medical secretaries and doctors in team. We also work closely with counsellors,  physiotherapists and occupational therapists. 

At the clinic, we conduct clinical research in several different areas. We work closely with the  college of Borås, one of our care departments is an education department that receives many  nursing students and is staffed with head supervisors and clinical teachers. We are also  developing an exciting collaboration with the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg by being  able to offer different parts of medical education by us. 

Description of nephrological department 

In the business area Medicine, we have a comprehensive Renal Medicine activity managed in  inpatient and outpatient care, including dialysis at 2 units (Borås and Skene), as well as  reception activities. Dialysis on-call service is included in the assignment. There is a good  opportunity for research but it is not funded from the hospital / clinic, own funding is required. 

We have about 85 haemodialysis patients, 30 PD patients and 140 kidney transplant patients.  The dialysis activity is located in two units, both of which have the option of self-dialysis.  Nephrology reception, PD-reception and dialysis unit are located directly adjacent to our  department of renal medicine care.  

The department currently employs 4 specialists, of which 2 are going to leave in the spring.  Trainee doctors are available at the ward. The team includes Dialysis nurses, nurses, assistant  nurses etc. 

Job description 

Work as a specialist in nephrology. Competence in HD, PD, home HD and general nephrology is  required, including transplant investigation and care of patients after transplantation.  Depending on the applicant’s competence, either a specialist position or a head-doctor  position.

As a specialist in kidney medicine, you will be responsible for the care within our kidney  activities with a focus on increasingly involved and independent patients. You as a specialist  will have good opportunities to contribute to the development of the unit within your specialist  area. 

We conduct research activities within our area of activity and are proud to be called a  university healthcare unit, which means a seal of quality on our research and education  capacity. There are good opportunities for own research if interested. 

As a specialist doctor with us, you will handle all existing kidney care that is expected to be  conducted at the county hospital level, including ward work, reception, dialysis responsibility,  transplant investigation and more. On-call service is included for dialysis activity and  otherwise depending on competence, such as medicine stand-by. 

In your role as a specialist, you will work with supervision and further training of trainee  doctors. 

Employment-start and salary 

Once one has reached B2-level, they move to Borås and start a trial period of 6 months as an  assistant doctor with 50% language training and 50% clinical introduction until C1-level is  reached and legitimation is obtained. The salary during this temporary period will be 46.000  SEK. 


When Swedish specialist licence to  practice is obtained, salary starts  from SEK 62,000 and up to 70- 80.000 or more depending on  experience.  Permanent employment will be  offered after the 6-months’ trial  period. Remuneration for on-call time is  

added. Further information will be shared at the interview. 

About the city

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible  

• During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and  accommodation is financed by Mediflexible  

• 4-5 months long, free Swedish course on B2-level conducted by Mediflexible, financial  support during the course (the amount is topic of negotiation)  

• additional language education between B2 and C1 level provided by the employer • assistance during the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the  process  

• Assistance in finding a flat or house for the applicant 

• Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children 

• Assistance in the first steps to be able to settle down in Sweden 

Documents required for application: 

– Professional English CV in which your experience (number of completed  examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization  experience) are detailed  

– Cover letter 

– scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official  needed) 

– two references (at least one from a chief, if possible)