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In our opinion mediFLEXible is a correct and accurate company which does its job perfectly. The cooperation between the recruitment company and the job seeking doctor can has a very different length, the intensity of the cooperation changes continuously, as there are stages which require a big energy effort from both sides. Their attitude connected to the appearing problems was always very supportive and all information got by them was correct. The cooperation with them made the whole process practically smooth; job-seeking/finding, language course, relocation. Thanks!”

Dr. Nagy Mária, anaesthesiologist and Dr. Vilhelm Róbert, surgeon specialist


“We can say that we are so happy and satisfied with our life in Kalix and Sweden at all. We have been surrounded by so much attention and friendship since the beginning. We are so pleasantly surprised by the people here. All of them want to help us and actually they have been helping us in every our step.
They provided us initially very comfortable and free accommodation for one month until we managed to find our current house for rent which is wonderful and we like very much.
They helped us with our daughter’s school. She started without any problem and now she is happy with her school which is very good and actually by far better than her previous English school.
When we arrived here we were supported with considerable sum for our moving expenses. We have been receiving our salaries since the beginning which are bigger than previous English nevertheless we have only been learning Swedish so far. They helped us to open bank account during the first week and organized our application for person number in the third day of our arrival. We received it by post after 14 days.
Now I would like to send you my first impressions from the hospital. It is too different from Bulgarian and NHS hospitals. It is so calm and spacy place, very good organization and high level of proficiency.
Finally we all want to thank you and to your whole agency for all that you have done for us because of that we are now here.”

Many regards
Dr Ivan Stremski and his family


My name is Anca and I am a Dentist from Romania. My collaboration with Mediflexible
started in November 2019 when they were recruiting dentists for a chain of Swedish dental clinics.
From the very beginning I was pleased with their professionalism. I am a very rational and
calculated person so before I decide to make a big change in my life I like to consider all the factors that might come across the journey. So because of that, Mediflexible had to answer a ton of questions during our Skype interview but also through mail (I literally sent them a very long email filled with questions and possible scenarios). They took their time to answer all my questions and explain all the steps and challenges that might come along the way. They were honest from the beginning and they didn’t make any promise they couldn’t keep. That helped me to be fully aware of my responsibilities.
When they organized my trip to Sweden for the study interview everything went smoothly.
They took care of booking my plane, train, hotels, did the check-ins, offered support during the trip.
All I had to do was pack my bag and go. I appreciated the fact that they chose really nice hotels and were flexible about the departure airport (I had a preference for that and they took it into account).
One thing that I appreciated very, very much was the way they fought for my interests. The
Swedish employer had second thoughts about hiring me due to COVID-19 pandemic so they were thinking to stop our collaboration. But Mediflexible didn’t take that as an answer and made their possible best to secure my working contract in Sweden. Which I eventually received 😀
They organized the Swedish language course, provided all the study material that was
needed as well as financial support during the course. Then they assisted me and my family
(husband and son) with relocation, administrative matters and much more. Everything went as planned and I really had the feeling I was taken care of.
I would strongly recommend Mediflexible as a recruiting company due to their seriousness,
professionalism and flexibility. My advice to those collaborating with them is to offer seriousness in return and to do their part. It is not an easy journey but it is totally worth it!

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