Requirements for education
Specialist exam in Pathology (and Cytology) from within EU.

Required qualification
Doctor with specialist competence in Pathology and Cytology.
Specialist/Senior doctor.
Work with histopathological and cytological diagnostics with associated excision work and fine needle punctures.
Participate in conference activities with several clinical specialists.
Supervise and develop histological techniques including immunohistochemistry.
Actively participate in the department’s quality work.
Autopsies are NOT performed.

Required experience
Minimum of two years of work experience as a specialist.

Place of work

Planned date of employment
Autumn 2023

Description of the hospital / clinic
Blekinge Hospital consists of two hospitals located in the beautiful archipelago towns Karlskrona and Karlshamn.
Laboratory Medicine – Blekinge
Clinical Pathology and Cytology is a county-wide SWEDAC-accredited department within the Region Blekinge. We currently have around 25 employees in several different professional categories. We follow the medical development in order to provide our customers with good, high-quality service. We work to become a leader in Sweden in Pathology and Cytology in terms of quality, efficiency and work environment.
By our place, you get the opportunity to work in an advanced, technical and highly educational environment in brand new premises.
By our place, you get regular further training and room to focus on specific areas of interest for which you are responsible.
The department works with digital pathology and the majority of doctors perform the majority of their diagnostics via computer screen.

Description of community / city where the employment will take place
You will have your office in brand new premises with a fantastic view of the Blekinge archipelago.
Blekinge is Sweden’s next smallest county. Here live more than 159,000 people in 2,941 square kilometres.
Blekinge has Småland as neighbour in the north and Skåne in the west. On the other side of the Baltic Sea there Germany, Poland and Lithuania are closest.
It only takes three hours to Copenhagen. It is closer to northern Germany, half Denmark and the coastal areas of the Baltic region than it is to the Mälerdalen.
Blekinge is a pearl as a living environment. Here you have the sea, the archipelago and the forest in the doorstep. The distances are short, tailbacks are rare and the cost of living is significantly lower than in the big cities.
In Blekinge everything is so close. You can live in the countryside and work in the city. Or vice versa. You can live in a large house or small flat, on sea-level or in the middle of the forest. You rarely need to compromise among leisure, job, school, childcare, collective activity and housing. Those who live here can commute throughout the county the same time as it takes for the suburbanites to get to and from work. Most of the work will be in Karlskrona (the residential city of Blekinge with approximately 67,000 inhabitants). More information about Karlskrona and Blekinge can be found among others on as well as

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible

  • During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and accommodation is financed by Mediflexible
  • 6-7 months long, free Swedish course up to C1-level, financial support during the course (the amount is topic of negotiation) alternatively 4-5 months long course up to B2-level with financial support plus additionally 3 months up to C1-level combined with 50% work
  • Free language education for family members on a basic level
  • Assistance in the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the process
  • 2 days long free Swedish legal and social training
  • Integration assistance (assistance in registering at tax authority, opening bank account, etc.)
  • Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children
  • Help in finding job for the partner
  • Assistance in the organization of moving and in apartment-seeking
    Documents required for application:
  • Professional English CV in which your experience (number of completed examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization experience) are detailed
  • scanned version of license to practice in home country (/ Sweden) with English translation (no official needed)
  • scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official needed)
    Laboratory Medicine – Blekinge
  • two English-speaking reference persons who are reachable on phone
    If you are interested please send your detailed professional CV and other necessary documents to before 10. November