Medicine Department/ Hudiksvall city/ Gävleborg Region

Qualification required
Nursing diploma

Description of work at the actual clinic and its assignment and goal
• Working hours for nurses on weekdays
07.00-16.00/ Break 30 minutes Monday-Friday
14.00–22.00/ Break 30 minutes Monday-Friday
21.30–07.30/ No break
• Working hours for nurses on weekends
07.00-15.30 Break 30 minutes Saturday-Sunday
14.30–22.00 Break 30 minutes Saturday-Sunday
21.30–07.30 No break

• Division of work of nurses
Each nurse has a group of 5-6 patients. We work with five patient groups; each group has a responsible nurse and an assistant nurse. Staffing with an assistant nurse in our ward reception Monday-Friday during the day.
Each nurse is responsible for planning the care together with the assistant nurse in charge, distribution of medication, round work, documentation, planning before going home.
A care coordinator who works towards municipalities and primary care with planning before discharge is available during the day, Monday to Friday.

Rounds in the morning every weekday and review with the doctor in the afternoon. On the weekend one round but then more spread during the day because there are not that many doctors available.

What is attractive about the service / business?
Great opportunities for development, with both internal and external training.
Well-functioning teamwork together with other nursing staff, paramedical staff and medical team.
Scheduling with possibilities for individual influence.
Good social work environment, good cohesion in the work group. New ones in the department are always very well looked after by their colleagues.

Fitness allowance.
The population of the catchment area
Primary catchment area 70,000.
Number of employees
Currently 21 nurses and 28 assistant nurses. Doctors and rehab staff who work in the department with our patients are employed by another unit.

Job description / what is included in the service and placement?

Nurse at Internal Medicine Care Unit,

emergency entrance all day/week,

medication management,

nursing work,

round work,

planning before discharge.

Required clinical experience
Inpatient care with nursing, planning and medication management for Gastrointestinal, Kidney, Lung, Haematological and Stroke patients.
At least 3-4 years of experience.
Special knowledge and skills or special interests that are important for the position
Competence in Internal Medicine (gastrointestinal, kidney, pulmonary, haematological, stroke) healthcare.
Important personal characteristics

Flexible, communicative, able to handle stressful situations, reliable, team player, i.e., enjoy working in team and collaborating with other professional groups, good treatment, humble.

Areas of responsibility / requirements linked to the service, e.g., if it involves travel to work in another place etc.
No, but there may be travel for training. Area of responsibility in the department and supervision of students is included in the service, when the person concerned has been introduced and the manager in charge judges that the nurse is competent for the task.

Individual salary setting based on experience.
The candidate begins his employment as an assistant nurse with 6 months probationary employment and with a salary of 27,500 SEK.
If everything goes according to plan, the probationary employment will be transferred to permanent employment as a nurse. After six months the salary will be negotiated individually depending on experience and ability to work in Sweden. Employment as a nurse requires licence to practice from the National Board of Health and Welfare which in turn requires C1 in Swedish. And the salary as a nurse without any experience is at least 27,800 SEK.
The average salary for nurses is between 27.800 and 36.000 SEK, depending on the number of years spent as a nurse and the professional background.

On-call duty

Setup for language course B2-C1 when it is carried out after employment in the Gävleborg Region has begun:
Half days.
We want the language course up to level B2 to be carried out in the home country / on campus, including an intensive course. B2 – C1 is carried out from the workplace in Hudiksvall and is combined with work as an assistant nurse and studies 50% / 50%, i.e., work mornings and studies afternoons Monday – Friday.
Internal Medicine – Gävleborg

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible
• During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and
accommodation are financed by Mediflexible
• Free Swedish course from A1 to C1 level. Between A1 and B2 online and B2 – C1 in the
workplace in combination with work. The candidates will study each afternoon after
work. Financial support during the course up to B2 (the amount is topic of negotiation).
• Free language education for family members – to B2 level for spouses and school-age
children is obligatory.
• Help with the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the process.
• Free Swedish legal and social training which consists of 40 lessons.
• Integration assistance (assistance in registering at tax authority, opening bank account,
• Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children.
• Assistance in the organization of moving and in apartment-seeking.
• Support for moving: 30.000 SEK for singles and 45.000 SEK for families for furniture
transport + 5.000 SEK for travel costs.

Documents required for application:
• Professional English CV in which your experience is detailed
• Cover letter
Internal Medicine – Gävleborg
• Scanned version of license to practice in home country with English translation (no official needed)
• Scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official needed)
• Two English-speaking reference persons who is reachable on phone, one is a chief and one is a colleague (can be former ones, if not possible to have current ones)

Further requirements
As a part of the application process, we need to take a personality test with our candidates and its result must be presented for the Swedish employer.

Location, useful links:
General information about Sweden:

If you are interested, please send your detailed professional CV and the other necessary documents to until 12. December!