Västra Götaland
Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Clinical Physiology, Gothenburg

Requirements for education
We are looking for you who are a specialist in Clinical Physiology, alternatively Nuclear
Medicine. Only applications from specialists qualified in EU are welcome.
Place of work
Job description
Are you the colleague we are looking for to become the new member of our competent and
enthusiastic team at Sahlgrenska University Hospital?
Take the opportunity to the next step in your professional career as a Nuclear Medicine
Physician and come to Gothenburg, with all the possibilities that a university hospital can offer.
Do you want to specialize further in PET imaging, nuclear cardiology, or paediatric nuclear
medicine? Do you want to take part in clinical research? We are actively developing new
working methods and perform research in several areas, including dosimetry and imaging with
radionuclide therapies, multimodality cardiac imaging and imaging of neurodegenerative
You will be working with diagnostic nuclear medicine at two different locations in Gothenburg.
There are possibilities for discussion and collaboration with your colleagues throughout the

day. We stimulate taking responsibility for the development of our clinical routines, and we have adopted a positive attitude towards combining clinical work and research. Nuclear medicine currently does not include any night or weekend shifts.
You will take part in multidisciplinary rounds and provide education to technologists, residents, other physicians, and students on a regular base.
About the workplace
The University Hospital has several highly specialized national assignments e.g., within transplantation, cardiac surgery and neuroendocrine tumours. Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital and its dedicated paediatric Nuclear Medicine section is also part of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and we are performing research as well as providing education in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg.
The section of Nuclear Medicine is part of the Department of Clinical Physiology. The department of Clinical Physiology is one of the largest in Sweden with around 200 employees, of whom, approximately 30 colleagues are medical specialists/consultants and 10 residents. At the section of Nuclear Medicine, we perform advanced medical imaging with modern techniques and strive for high patient safety and image quality. We currently have 6 medical specialists/consultants and 4 residents. We have a flat hierarchy, and think it is important to have a good working environment with lively discussions, humour, time for a cup of coffee (or tea), and constructive feedback.
We have several SPECT/CT cameras, a heart dedicated camera, 3 PET/CT cameras (a fourth will be installed early in 2023) and a PET/MR camera. Sahlgrenska University Hospital has a cyclotron and produces several tracers.
We perform over 4000 PET/CT scans annually (F-18-FDG, Ga-68-DOTATOC,
Ga-68-PSMA-11 and F-18-FET are currently used clinically). Soon we will be able to perform O-15-water PET for myocardial perfusion and F-18-PSMA-1007 PET for prostate cancer. Moreover, we perform over 4500 gamma camera procedures, including bone scans, myocardial perfusion scintigraphy, renal scintigraphy, lung ventilation/perfusion scintigraphy, thyroid scintigraphy, and parathyroid scintigraphy, but we also operate many other types of scintigraphy.
Requirements for experience
You are a Nuclear Medicine Physician (or have a similar education) and should be eligible to register as such with the National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden (“Socialstyrelsen”).
You should be willing to work in Gothenburg for at least a couple of years.
You can make decisions on your own, but you may also like to discuss cases and situations with your colleagues and take part in improving our clinical routines.
You have a positive working attitude and are willing to spread this to your colleagues at the department.

You are willing to assist your colleagues if needed.
Swedish language skills are not a prerequisite for applying to this position, however Swedish is required to be able to work as a consultant. Swedish language courses are provided by the hospital, both before and after arriving in Sweden. It is very important that you fit in our team. We highly appreciate good experience in research.
Your salary will be determined by your previous experience.
However, usually it is like this. Once one has reached B2-level, they move to Gothenburg and start a trial period as an assistant doctor with 50% language training and 50% clinical introduction until C1-level is reached and legitimation is obtained. Salary during this time is SEK 46,000 / month (around 4.200 EUR). After the probation salary will depend on professional background and years of experience as a specialist doctor including experience in home-country. The lowest salary for young specialists with 0 years of experience starts from 59.000 SEK (around 5.400 EUR) but for a specialist with several years of professional background it can start from 6.500-7.000 EUR and it will raise continuously up to 7-8.000 EUR or even more.
We offer

a permanent position after a probation period of 6 months. A regular working week consists of 40 hours.

We offer a broad range of nuclear medicine and a possibility to specialize in a specific area without losing your broad competence.

It is one of Northern Europe’s largest hospitals, located in Gothenburg, in the heart of Scandinavia. At Sahlgrenska you will have over 17 000 colleagues divided between all of our different units, and as a university hospital we focus on involving all our employees in innovation, research and education. We want you to develop together with your colleagues within your expertise.
In close collaboration with universities as well as with leading companies in the Gothenburg business area, we can provide a unique clinical range, high level of expertise and highly advanced technology.
The city sits beautifully on the Swedish west coast with the sea close by. Today Gothenburg has appr. 570 000 inhabitants and the city continues to grow every year. Gothenburg is among other things known for its unique archipelago, the fresh seafood and as an event city with a rich cultural life.
The size of the city makes it easy to get from one place to another either by bike, by foot or by tram which makes Gothenburg an appreciated city to live in.

FUN FACT! The city has been elected as Sweden’s most social and nicest town in many different international surveys.
SWEDEN is a large country with few inhabitants. It offers quietness, space and an amazing nature. A good balance between private life and work is regarded as essential. The social welfare in Sweden is highly developed which allows for low costs of childcare and health care, schools free of charge and extensive possibilities for parental leave, among other benefits. Social responsibility, diversity and environmental consciousness are highly valued in the Swedish society.

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible
• During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and accommodation is financed by Mediflexible
• Free Swedish course on C1-level, financial support during the course up to B2-level (the amount is topic of negotiation). After reaching B2 one will move to Sweden and start to earn a salary while language studies will continue part-time up to C1-level.
• Assistance during the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the process
• Assistance in finding a flat or house for the applicant
• Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children
• Assistance in the first steps to be able to settle down in Sweden

Documents required for application:
• Professional English CV in which your experience (number of completed examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization experience) are detailed
• Cover letter
• scanned version of license to practice in home country with English translation (no official needed)
• scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official needed)
If you are interested please send your detailed professional CV and other necessary documents to info@mediflexible.com before the 9th of November.