Requirements for education 

Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from  within the EU or Specialist in Psychiatry from within the EU or Trainee doctor towards the end of the specialist  training from within the EU 

We are looking for specialists to work on the following areas: 

• Outpatient care 

• Round-the-clock care 

• Eating disorders 

• Short-term ward 

• Specialist reception for children with OCD, bipolar or psychotic condition • Investigations of Neuropsychiatric disorders (ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum  Disorders) 

• Reception for gambling addiction and screen health 

Sahlgrenska University Hospital, BUP  

Together, we at Sahlgrenska University Hospital create care of the highest quality with the  patient in focus. With great commitment and constant learning, we are one of the country’s  leading university hospitals. We conduct everything from county health care to national, highly  specialized care. Through interesting research, our focus is on the healthcare of the future.  With us, it is important to have digital competence and that everyone contributes to digital  development. In our work, we take advantage of the breadth of knowledge and experience we  commonly have – Together with you, we want to create value for our patients. 

Child and adolescent psychiatry (BUP) at Sahlgrenska University Hospital has a large  catchment area and a broad activity with round-the-clock care, general child psychiatry outpatient care and specialized child psychiatry outpatient care. 

In collaboration with Sahlgrenska Academy, BUP participates in the clinical training of medical  candidates, and we are also responsible for the training of resident doctors and trainee doctors  in rotation from other specialties such as Adult Psychiatry, Paediatrics and General Medicine.  The clinic conducts research in various areas of child psychiatry.

BUP employs about 35 specialist doctors, trainee doctors and assistant doctors. To meet the  need for specialized child and adolescent psychiatric care, we are actively working to become  many more. The business has three chiefs of doctors, two of whom are doctors and medical  managers responsible for outpatient and inpatient care. The head-doctors of the care unit  participate in the management group. 

Outpatient Care 

BUP outpatient care consists of 5 regional outpatient receptions and a central unit with a new  visitor unit and investigation unit. At the regional outpatient receptions, assessment,  investigation and treatment are conducted. All new visits are made to the new visitor unit and  the referral is handled there. 

Neuropsychiatric investigations are performed at the investigation unit.  All units are staffed by doctors,  social workers, sychologists, care  administrators and carers. The main tasks of specialists consist of: 

– Making psychiatric assessments  and investigations, evaluating patients and providing with  appropriate medical treatment for various diseases and harms, writing referrals and  prescriptions. 

– Documenting all patient assessments, treatments and contributions. 

– Participating in and leading a medical team with nurses. 

– Participating and leading an interprofessional team at the unit. Approving care plans. – Participating in the day shift at the reception. 

– Participating in the clinic-wide clinical supervision of trainee doctors on site and by  telephone. 

– Attending the unit’s staff meetings. 

– Contributing with medical expertise to the unit manager and nurses in connection with  medical priorities to ensure good patient safety and quality. 

– Contributing as much as possible to introduce new colleagues in the workplace. – Help the medically responsible doctor to identify and solve problems in the workplace. Eating Disorder Care 

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (BUP) at Sahlgrenska University Hospital has a large catchment area and a broad activity with both hospital-based round-the-clock care, general  child psychiatric outpatient care and specialized child psychiatric outpatient care including 

eating disorder care for young adults. The 24-hour care is located at Drottning Silvia’s  Children’s and Adolescents’ Hospital at Eastern Hospital. Here is our specialized eating  disorder department with a regional mission to care for young people aged 16 to 25 years with  complicated eating disorder problems. During the treatment period, patients are offered with  severe eating disorder treatment according to a structured care program. The department is  part of a care chain which also includes eating disorder-specialized outpatient care and day  care. 

The clinic operates together with the Academy in research in various child psychiatric areas, of  which eating disorders are one of the most active field of research. 

The eating disorder department is in an innovative period with a focus on further development  of methods, processes and working methods, with the aim of creating well-functioning care as  in the best possible way meets the patient’s individual needs and conditions. In this work, both  care staff and other parts of the team play an active role. There are very good opportunities to  combine clinical work with research in the field of eating disorders or other psychiatry. Own  education and supervision are a matter of course. We are in a process to be commissioned to  operate as one of the five units in the country which conducts National Highly Specialized Care  (NHV) for people with difficult-to-treat eating disorders. 

As a specialist doctor in the department, you will work with patients aged 16 to 25 years. You  are responsible for the patients during the time they are hospitalized and will work closely  with each other with the head-doctor of the care ward at the reception who is an adult  psychiatrist with many years of experience working with eating disorders. You have an interest  and knowledge of eating disorders but also a broader psychiatric competence. In addition to  the patients’ main eating disorder problems with the diagnoses Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia  Nervosa or severe eating disorder, there are often a psychiatric comorbidity that also needs to  be taken into consideration. In your work, you will have the support of experienced colleagues  both at the eating disorder reception and at the clinic in general. We work team-based and the  doctor has a central place in the psychiatric team which otherwise consists of psychologists,  nurses, social workers, carers and dietitians. We also work with chefs, physiotherapists,  occupational therapists and drama teachers. 

We are looking for you if you are a specialist doctor in adult psychiatry or a trainee with a  documented competence and experience of eating disorder care. You enjoy working in team  and have the ability to take a leading role in teamwork when needed. You value good collegial  cooperation and want to actively contribute to the good forward thinking and solidarity that  characterizes our medical team. In addition, you have a drive to develop and improve care on a  scientific basis so that it can effectively benefit the patient. Great emphasis will be placed on  personal suitability. 

Short-term care ward Slottis 

The short-term care ward Slottis is a 5-day care ward for children and young people up to the  age of 18 with complex child psychiatric problems. Here are five places for planned care in the  form of investigation and / or treatment and three places for emergency care. As a doctor at 

Slottis, you collaborate with the head of the care unit, specialised psychologists, psychiatric  nurses / nurses, mental health workers / assistant nurses and sociologists. We also have a  school run by the municipality of Gothenburg. Planned care at Slottis requires a referral from  BUP’s outpatient care, special clinics or from BUP reception in Västra Götaland region. At  Slottis, family and staff have the opportunity to work with the patient’s whole problems in a  calm environment and over a longer period of time. Collaboration often takes place with other  care providers and authorities to make the treatment so good as possible. Slottis has a broad  competence and many years of experience in the team. 

As a doctor at Slottis, you will be one of several specialist doctors at BUP. The collegial  solidarity is good, and you will have the opportunity for your own training, development and  research. You will also contribute to the development of the business through various projects  and assignments. 

You lead the interprofessional team in in-depth child psychiatric investigation and/ or  treatment of children and young people up to 18 years. Patients often have a complex child  psychiatric problem and you collaborate with other professions with both in-depth and broad  focus. Supervision of colleagues is included in the service as well as the development of care  and operations. You will have a good opportunity to influence your work and the service can be  combined with other assignments based on our discussion. 

We are looking for you if you are a specialist doctor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and/ or  Psychiatry.  

Previous experience of work as a care unit head-doctor/ specialist and interest in this role  would be an asset but not a requirement.  

Experience of teamwork is desirable. You are stimulated by collaborating with other  professions and find it rewarding to lead teams.  

You are also attracted to work in inpatient care and have the patience required to work with  complex matters over time.  

You have experience or interest and the ability to work with the whole family and see youth as  part of a system. 

Specialist Reception for children with OCD, bipolar or psychotic condition 

BUP Specialist Reception is assigned with dealing with various types of mental illness, such as  OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and OCD-related conditions, as well as bipolar and  psychosis conditions. We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, nurses,  psychologists, counsellors, care administrative secretaries and unit manager. 

You will be welcomed by a competent, positive and committed team and will have good  support from experienced colleagues at the clinic. You have flexible working hours and the  reception is located in central Gothenburg with good communication opportunities. The  business is development-oriented and there are good opportunities to combine clinical work  with research. Own education and supervision are a matter of course. BUP Gothenburg is a 

changing business and the doctor has an important place in the exciting development work  that is going on! 

As a doctor, you work in and lead the reception team. You meet patients with first-time illness  in bipolar and psychotic conditions, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and severe tics /  Tourette’s syndrome. You investigate, diagnose and treat in close collaboration with  experienced therapists. We have a family-oriented approach and involve caregivers in the  treatment. Co-morbidity is common and differential diagnostic considerations as well as  neuropsychiatric investigations often need to be made. You get the opportunity to make a  difference early in the course of the disease and can thus affect a young person’s life and health.  Collaboration with care neighbours, school and social services is important and can have a  major impact on the patient’s condition. The special Reception is a unit in change and the  doctor is central in the development work that is going on around, for example, the  investigation process and the collaboration with BUP’s emergency care. 

The service works very well for you as an adult psychiatrist and if have a special interest in  psychosis and bipolar disorder. You see the same conditions as in adult psychiatry, but since  you enter early in the process, when the patient debuts in their disease, you have unique  opportunities to influence the development of the disease. It is rewarding to meet the patient at  this stage and to be able to make a real difference together with the team and parents. 

We are looking for you if are child and adolescent psychiatrist or adult psychiatrist. Experience  of specialized child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient care is an advantage. 

You enjoy working in and leading teams. You are interested in a family-oriented approach and  value the team’s overall competence and cooperation. You also want to contribute to the  forward-thinking spirit and solidarity that characterizes our medical team. To develop and  improve care on a scientific basis so that it can benefit the patient in an effective way is a  matter of importance for you. Great emphasis is placed on personal suitability. 

Reception for gambling addiction and screen health 

Clinic for Gambling Addiction and Screen Health is a specialist reception with a regional  assignment for the treatment of gambling addiction (addiction to gambling for money) and  computer gambling addiction. The reception is located in central Gothenburg at Järntorget and  is organizationally part of Sahlgrenska University Hospital’s addiction activities. 

We offer help to people who have an addiction to gambling or have a problematic computer  gambling/ computer game addiction. One can seek help from us from the year one turns 16. 

The treatment is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). In CBT, we work to change the  patient’s life. The patient practices to notice and examine thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that have led to an addiction. We teach methods to influence the patient’s behaviour in the long  term, stick to his/ her treatment goals and prevent relapse. An important part is to replace  gambling with other things that are important to the patient in his/ her life. Between meetings,  he/ she practices the skills that are to be picked up on his/ her own.

For addiction to gambling for money, treatment is given in groups, individually or via the  internet. 

At the reception, research is also conducted on the treatment we offer. In this way, we can  increase knowledge about treatment effects and systematically further develop the care we  offer. 

The treatment at our unit is limited to specialized treatment for gambling addiction and  computer game addiction and is a complement to any other care and treatment initiatives. 

At the reception, our team consists of psychologists, doctors, nurse, social worker, research  manager, research assistant and administrator. 

Planned date of employment 

As soon as possible (after completing Swedish language course on B2-level). Salary 

Once one has reached B2-level, they move to Gothenburg and start a trial period as an assistant  doctor with 50% language training and 50% clinical introduction named PLUS until C1-level is  reached and legitimation is obtained. Salary during this time is SEK 46,000 / month. After the  probation period it will raise continuously up to 60-70.000 SEK or even more. 

About PLUS 

PLUS introductory program is applied to doctors trained in countries within the EU but outside  of Sweden. Prerequisites are knowledge of the Swedish language at the lowest level B2 and  employment in the Västra Götaland Region. Swedish licence to practice is not a requirement. 

The purpose of PLUS is to create familiarity in the Swedish health care system for doctors  trained abroad by contributing with increased knowledge and understanding. The goal is for  the participants to develop good language skills, a good understanding of attitudes and  treatment issues as well as familiarity with the regulations that apply and which actors and 

partners exist around health care. This contributes to increased security for the participant and  thus increased patient safety in care. 

The education includes: 

– continuation course in the Swedish language with communication and culture (level C1) – lectures and seminars: topics related to the professional approach in Swedish health care; for  example, interprofessional collaboration, ethics, person-centered care, laws and regulations, documentation, insurance medicine, mental illness and more 

– group supervision in small groups with reflection on own experiences and theoretical  sections, under the guidance of experienced doctors. 

The training lasts for 34 weeks, 1-2 days per week depending on language level. 

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible  

• During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and  accommodation is financed by Mediflexible  

• 5 months long, free Swedish course on B2-level, financial support during the course (the  amount is topic of negotiation)  

• Language education on B2-level for partner and children of school-age is provided. • Assistance during the application for Swedish license to practice and supervision of the process  

• Assistance in finding a flat or house for the applicant 

• Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children 

• Assistance in the first steps to be able to settle down in Sweden 

Documents required for application: 

– Professional English CV in which your experience (number of completed  examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization  experience) are detailed  

– Cover letter 

– scanned version of license to practice in home country with English translation (no official  needed) 

– scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official  needed)