Place of work 

Borås in Västra Götaland Region 

Requirements for education 

Specialist in Radiology. Educated in the EU or having EU legitimation due to at least three years  of practice in an EU-country. 

Description of the hospital 

Södra Älvsborgs Hospital (SÄS) is one of five hospital groups in Västra Götaland Region. It is a  broad medical business, with extensive research and several educational care departments.  Most of the care is provided in Borås, but we are also located in Skene.  

The hospital is a medium-sized county hospital with about 350,000 people in the catchment  area. There are 4,100 employees in 120 different professions at the hospital. Close  collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital exists in several areas.

Description of the clinic / business 

We operate in Borås, Skene and Ulricehamn. 

The clinic in Borås contains three subject areas: Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical  Radiation Physics. 

In Radiology, it is possible to perform most common examinations: conventional X-ray,  ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations, vascular and cardiac examinations. In addition, there is oral radiology for, for example, advanced  examinations of teeth, jaw joints, salivary glands and oral cavity. Most of the activities take  place during the day, but on-call activities are available in the evenings, nights and weekends. 

In Skene we perform conventional X-rays, computed tomography and ultrasound, and in  Ulricehamn we perform conventional X-rays. All activities are conducted during the day. 

Nuclear medicine serves the entire Västra Götaland region in terms of certain nuclear medicine  examinations and treatments. 

Job description 

We are seeking general radiologists with broad competence with the possibility of deepening  in desired area of interest.  

Supervision of trainee doctors (ST) is included in the position as well as to assist with  upskilling of colleagues.  

On-calls regularly.

Description of the activity 

• Broad general radiology department with MRI, DT, ultrasound, intervention and plain X ray. 130,000 examinations per year.  

• Large emergency flow.  

• Also examining children.  

• Rounds for all specialists.  

• Multidisciplinary conference (MDK).  

• On-calls with telemedicine between 22-07.  

• SECTRA ris / PACS 

Employment-start and salary 

Once one has reached B2-level, they move to Gothenburg and start a trial period of 6 months as  an assistant doctor with 50% language training and 50% clinical introduction until C1-level is  reached and legitimation is obtained.  

When Swedish specialist licence to practice is obtained salary starts from SEK 62,000 and up to  70-80.000 or more depending on experience.  

Permanent employment will be offered after the 6-months’ trial period. 

Remuneration for on-call time is added. 

Further information will be shared at the interview. 

About the city

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible  

• During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and  accommodation is financed by Mediflexible  

• 4-5 months long, free Swedish course on B2-level conducted by Mediflexible, financial  support during the course (the amount is topic of negotiation)  

• additional language education between B2 and C1 level provided by the employer • assistance during the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the  process  

• Assistance in finding a flat or house for the applicant 

• Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children 

• Assistance in the first steps to be able to settle down in Sweden 

The employer offers a moving allowance. The employee must apply for a quote from at  least three moving companies and present it to the employer before the move is made. 

Documents required for application: 

– Professional English CV in which your experience (number of completed  examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization  experience) are detailed  

– Cover letter 

– scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no  official needed) 

– two references (at least one from a chief, if possible)