Requirements for education

Nursing diplomafrom within EU or at least three years of relevant work experience on the field of nursing in an EU member country.

If you have specialist training in addiction or psychiatric care, it is considered meritorious but not a must.

Required experience

It is an advantage if you are a specialised nurse in addictology or psychiatry but not a must. Nurses with more or less experience in addiction or psychiatric care will be also considered for the positions. Even if one has only some months of experience on a proper field, can be considered.

Personal qualities required for the position

You are a safe and stable person with self-awareness who can distinguish between the personal and the professional. You cooperate well with colleagues and relate to them in a responsive way. You are structured when you plan, organize and prioritize your work effectively and set and keep time frames.

Job description

As a nurse, your duties include:

  • psychiatric nursing,
  • drug treatment,
  • health condition monitoring,
  • psychiatric and physical assessments, observations, conversations and sampling.

Planned date of employment

By agreement.


By agreement.

The salary-scale is wide, it is 27.500-46.500 SEK for general nurses and 33.150-55.700 for specialist nurses, depending on professional background (number of years as a nurse/ specialist nurse, ability to work independently in Sweden, language skills, ranking etc.).

Though, the average salary for general nurses is 33.000-40.000 SEK and for specialist nurses is 36-42.000 SEK.

The first salary for newly graduated nurses is 27.500 SEK. The salary during the introductory period will be the same for nurses from abroad during a temporary period of maximum 6 months.

Description of the department

This department is a psychiatric ward with a focus on addiction. The target group is patients with addiction syndrome in need of withdrawal treatment, acute or planned, or the setting of substitution treatment for opiate addiction. Possible forms of care are HSL (Healthcare Act), LVM (Care of Abusers Act) or LPT (Act on Compulsory Psychiatric Care). There are 13 care places in the department. The business is conducted around the clock and working hours are scheduled for day, evening, night and weekends, which assumes your ability to work at these times. We work two weekends out of five. We use a wish schedule.

We work based on a patient-centred approach. Cooperation with social services and other social actors in the area of ​​addiction is an important part of the work. We also collaborate with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) who hold weekly meetings in the department.

In the department, we have an explicit focus on the work environment. We help each other and take care of our relationships. By our place, it should be easy to do the right thing. We strive to be an attractive workplace. By our place, you also get opportunities and good conditions to develop both yourself and addiction care. There are always good opportunities for schooling here.

About Psychiatry in the region

Psychiatry is assigned with offering high-quality psychiatric diagnostics and treatment.

This is done by using methods that follow science and proven experience. The approach towards the patient must be characterized by respect, professionalism and high ethical awareness.

The clinic’s target group is people aged 18 and over with psychiatric illness or mental illness of such a degree that it requires specialist psychiatric expertise.

The clinic must offer specialist psychiatric care and treatment according to HSL (Health and Medical Care Act) and LPT (Act on Compulsory Psychiatric Care)


SPOT (Specialist Psychiatric Nursing Team) is adult psychiatry’s new resource and provides specialized psychiatric home care in the county which is an alternative to traditional round-the-clock care and a complement to usual outpatient care.

About the hospital

This Hospital is one of three hospitals in the region.

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible

  • During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and accommodation is financed by Mediflexible
  • 6-7 months long, free Swedish course, financial support during the course (the amount is topic of negotiation)
  • Free language education for family members (spouses and school-aged children) on basic level, or to C1 level for spouses who are also healthcare staff
  • Assistance in the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the process
  • 40 hours long free Swedish legal and social training
  • Integration assistance (assistance in registering at tax authority, opening bank account, etc.)
  • Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children
  • Assistance in the organization of moving and in apartment-seeking

Documents required for application:

  • Professional English CV in which your experience (number of completed examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization experience) are detailed
  • scanned version of license to practice in home country with English translation (no official needed)
  • scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official needed)
  • two English-speaking reference persons who are reachable on phone

If you are interested, please send your detailed professional CV and other necessary documents as soon as possible to