Family medicine Jönköping

Health centres of Bra Liv Group

Place of job

Nässjö Health Centre

Vaggeryd Health Centre

Requirements for education

Specialist exam in General Medicine / Family Medicine from within EU.

Required experience

At least one year of experience as a General Medicine / Family Medicine specialist in Primary Care with good recommendations, to be able to supervise other training doctors after about 2 years of employment in Sweden. Extract from criminal records – has to be clear.

Personal qualities required for the position

Emphatic, self-confident, flexible, driven, socially outgoing, good language skills, interested in supervision.

The health centres of Bra Liv with its 33 health centres in the Jönköping region gives a lot of support and invests a lot in our new doctors from the first day.

We ensure creating the conditions for our EU doctors to gain insight into Swedish healthcare based on the routines and priorities that exist in primary care in Sweden. Among other things, Swedish working life is characterized by different routines, management style and teamwork.

Based on this, we started an introductory school in Nässjö in 2013, Nässjö Education Centre (NUC) to help specialist general practitioners who are trained in other countries, with the introduction and integration in our workplaces. Our introductory school is one of the few of its kind and we choose to invest a lot in this to give our new doctors the right conditions during their first 3 months in Sweden!

When new doctors start with us at one of our 33 health centres in the Jönköping region the EU doctor do not work at their health centre (the doctor is not in production) – only visit our school in Nässjö (NUC). During this training and introduction period, the first 3 months, they receive a salary of SEK 51,500. They only have this salary during the three months we invest in giving them a good introduction to the NUC (see more description of this below).

After finishing time at NUC, the salary can be higher based on the year of salary, previous work experience as a specialist and which health care centre the doctor is working on, since we have certain health centres with zonal supplements as they are further away from Jönköping.

When the physician can work independently without supervision at the health centre, we raise the salary further with + 11,000 SEK per month. See more detailed info in the table below:

First 3 months from start of employment
– during this period, the EU doctor does not work at the health centre – we finance the introductory course at NUC and the salaries of the EU doctor and supervisor (mentors) during the first four 3 months – we also finance the Friday seminars: training about rules, priorities, and administrative routines in primary care in Sweden – and training about Swedish organization and social knowledges and training in medical Swedish (every Friday in Jönköping)SLARY during the course at NUC (first 4 months) = 53.500 SEK / month
After completed course at NUC (After the first 3 months)
– The EU doctor has just finished the course at the NUC and has started working at his / her medical centre (from month 4.) – The EU doctor is still receiving the support and guidance of a district doctor at the health centreSALARY 58.500 (basic salary) + work experience* + Zone supplement** = 63.500 to 69.500 SEK
After around 12-18 months from start of the employment
– EU doctor can work independently at the health centre without any help from a supervisorSALARY 72-74.000 (basic salary) + zone supplement ** = 77.000 to 83.000 SEK

* work experience (years): 2.000 SEK extra a month

** Zone supplement: salary + 9.000 SEK/month in both in Nässjö and in Vaggeryd. We introduced the Zone Supplement in these health centers because we noticed that many doctors commute between Jönköping and Nässjö/ Vaggeryd – so we thought we would contribute to possibly commuting costs. ATTENTION! All doctors receive the zone supplement regardless of whether they live in Nässjö or commute from other locations.


  1. Nässjö – has 32,000 inhabitants

Driving distance between Jönköping and Nässjö = 35 minutes (40 km)

What is Nässjö best known for?

Nässjö is the most important train traffic/communication point in Sweden – as far as trains/railways are concerned. All trains that go from Southern to Northern Sweden pass through and stop in Nässjö.

  • Vaggeryd – has 15,000 inhabitants

Driving distance between Jönköping and Vaggeryd = 25 minutes (30 km)

What is Vaggeryd best known for?

Vaggeryd is located on Sweden’s most important motorway E4 (European 4), which is Sweden’s longest motorway (1,590 km) – which connects the cities in Sweden. You can arrive quickly from Vaggeryd by car to other cities or to Denmark/Germany

Good to know before choosing a future workplace in Sweden

– The Jönköping County Region has the lowest unemployment and the lowest crime rate in Sweden.

– Jönköping County is the only region of all 21 regions in Sweden that has had a positive financial result for several years in a row.

– Jönköping is also called “The heart of Scandinavia” (see appendix), the city lays next to one of Sweden’s motorways (E4) which makes it easy to travel to several large cities such as Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Which also makes it close to countries such as Denmark, Norway and Finland. The E4 also provides opportunities to easily reach international airports located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen from Jönköping.

– The proximity to Europe and to large cities makes Jönköping very attractive to Swedish and international companies. Almost all large and medium-sized companies in Sweden have a warehouse or an office in the Jönköping region (all pay business tax which contributes to the region’s positive financial results). Jönköping University is the favourite of Swedish and international students in Sweden because of good communication with other major European cities and because of the student life that Jönköping’s centre can offer.

Job description

You are responsible for a population base of about 10 – 19,000 listed patients aged 0-115 years with varying diagnoses. As a General Specialist / Family Doctor, you are the first level of care and have to be able to assess what you and your team have to treat and what have to be passed on to specialist care.

Your tasks include:

  • Patients who come to the health centre, retirement homes, supervision of students / training doctors / other staff, work life efforts, life-oriented prevention work, etc. –
  • Collaboration with other professional categories at the health centre in diagnostic-oriented teams and with other authorities on issues such as home care, sick leave, unemployment, social services, etc. are common.

The working time is for full-time 40 hours / week and the most common working time is from 8 am-5 pm (may, however, change in the future).

On-call duty

Some on-call duties corresponding to about 1 occasion in 4 weeks is included in the service.

Planned date of employment

1 March 2024

Description of the goal of activity

One that is characterized by care, completeness and health for all! Offer an easy-to-use care with continuity and quality. Our aim is the patient’s health, and the patient must feel he is in safe hands. After a visit by our place, the patient must leave us with the feeling of being seen, listened to and professionally treated with a clear awareness of what the next step is in the care process.

Description of the health centre

There are 33 health centres within Jönköping County that are part of the Bra Liv Group. We have health care centres both in small and large cities. We have a mixed population, and a large proportion comes from different cultures and has different ethnic backgrounds. At each health centres there are about 60 employees depending on the catchment area. The following occupational categories are employed at the health centre: doctors, nurses, sub nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapist, psychologist, curator, leg therapist, health administrators. We work in team with different occupational categories. The health centres are located where we can offer good opportunities for outdoor activities and sports close to nature, city life, shopping etc. There is good service for families with a good range of preschools and schools. The proximity to Jönköping provides the opportunity to enjoy cultural life, and there are also colleges with a wide range of diverse courses.

Further information

During the first three months there will take place an introduction in Swedish healthcare at Nässjö Education Centre 3 days / week. One further day you will be at your healthcare centre and one day you will have an introduction to the Swedish healthcare system at seminars. After you have spent a year at your health centre, there will follow an approximately 5 months of side-service at different clinics at the hospital in your vicinity to create network with colleagues and learn what is being done in primary care / end in-patient care. Generally, the doctor is expected to have full competence to be able to take full responsibility at the Health Centre after about 2 years spent in Sweden. Has then to able to handle own training doctors.

Services offered by the employer and Mediflexible

  • During the personal visit which is part of the interview process, the cost of travel and accommodation is financed by Mediflexible
  • 6-7 months long, free Swedish course, financial support during the course (the amount is topic of negotiation)
  • Free language education for family members – to B2 level for spouses and school-age children, to C1 level for spouses who have jobs with licence requirement
  • Assistance during the application for Swedish license to practice, supervision of the process
  • 40 hours long free Swedish legal and social training
  • Integration assistance (assistance in registering at tax authority, opening bank account, etc.)
  • Assistance in finding school/kindergarten for the children
  • Assistance in the organization of moving and in apartment-seeking

Documents required for application:

  • Professional English CV in which your experience (number of completed examinations/surgeries, with differentiation between pre-and post-specialization experience) are detailed
  • scanned version of license to practice in home country with English translation (no official needed)
  • scanned version of medical and specialist certificates with English translation (no official needed)
  • two English-speaking reference persons who are reachable on phone
  • proof of language knowledge (if you have such)

If you are interested please send your detailed professional CV and other necessary documents to