Some basic information about The United Kingdom


There are two inevitably important criteria of employment for doctors: GMC registration and appropriate level of language proficiency in English.

GMC registration

During the formal procedure, the candidate’s qualifications, practice and moral integrity have to be proven to General Medical Council. In case the applicant submits all necessary documents to GMC he or she will usually automatically receive a registration number which entitles him or her to be employed according to his or her qualifications. The cost of the procedure on behalf of the British authorities is the amount of the annual registration fee, namely 390 GBP to be paid, and in some instances it is increased by some payments for further certificates, and the cost of the local administration cost is expected to be between 45,000 and 60,000 HUF per person. In some individual cases this figure can show significant differences.

Fluent English

Obviously, the language of work is English. The level of English proficiency needed for the work is determined by the employer, nevertheless usually a very high level, fluent English is expected. The necessary professional experience cannot be gained during work since the lack of it makes the candidate inadequate for employment anyway. British employers do not subsidize language learning since their expectations include a high level of English acquired before application without their aid.


A personal invitation for interview at the future workplace is usually preceded by a telephone interview by the employer. The expenses of the visit for the job interview are subsidized by the employers to a different extent; it can show differences in each case.

Employment Contract

The British typically, and almost solely, offer short-term contracts: the agreement is valid usually for 3-6 moths, or perhaps for a year, however, in most cases there is an opportunity for extension. It is also quite common that the employment agreement is offered only after a few days or 1-2 weeks of probation period.


Doctors’ salaries can differ depending on their categorisation (SHO, staff grade, SpR, consultant) therefore they may vary within quite wide limits.

Chances for finding a job

There is no doubt about the fact that the positions are open for specialists, however, recently there have been less than in the earlier years, therefore, finding a job requires serious dedication and patience.

Even with profound professional experience, It is highly difficult to get a consultant position in case the applicant fails to have at least half a year of professional experience within the UK at minimum staff grade. From this respect, a period of time, spent as RMO is not taken into consideration.

Current Job Offers in The United Kingdom