Some basic information about Sweden


There are two inevitably important criteria of employment for doctors and other healthcare staff

Localization of Degree

Important changes

We would like to inform all candidates that the conditions of Socialstyrelsen registration, which is necessary for working as a doctor in Sweden, have greatly changed.
Unlike free registration before, applicants after 15. April 2016 have to pay 2300-2300 SEK up front, at the time of applying for the basic and specialist registration. Another important change is that now applicants have to certify their Swedish (or Danish or Norwegian) language knowledge at the time of application.

At our agency we will continue to do our best to support our candidates’ interests and to find a way to give help regarding the payment of the registration fee.

The accepted level of Swedish advanced level, C1.

The new system fundamentally changes the former way of getting employment in Sweden.

We advise all candidates who wish to work in Sweden but did not hand in their application before 15. April 2015 and do not speak Swedish (or Norwegian or Danish) to begin learning Swedish as soon as possible to incerase their chances. (Our partner language school, Interlanguage Viriditas is of course at your disposal in this matter as well).


Language Proficiency in Swedish

Important changes

The language of work is exclusively Swedish. The employers will likely continue to provide language education to the required level, either at a language course organized by themselves or with the help of our agency, paying for the costs of the course and giving financial support to cover candidates’ living expenses during this time (approx. 4-6 months). According to the discretion of the employer, the course takes place either in Sweden or in Hungary; or in most cases at the combination of the two sites (beginning in Hungary and being completed in Sweden).

The acquired C1-level Swedish command can be proved by two ways:

– a language exam (the language exam of the educating organisation, the Interlanguage Viriditas language school or in other cases the language school ensured by the employer is perfectly suitable for the registration process)

– or a certificate, issued by the employer.

Job Interview
The interview can take different forms: in some cases the employer applies performs a pre-screening in Hungary, or, skipping this stage, according to the relevant CV, they invite the applicants for a 2-3-day long stay in Sweden where the candidate can visit the future workplace. The expenses of the interview in Sweden are covered by the employer, and during the visit they present the healthcare institution, the future colleagues, and the settlement.

Employment Contract
Since Swedish employers spend a lot on the selection process and the financial support of the candidates, they offer only long-term contracts. There can be found employment agreements both for indefinite and definite period; in this last case they offer employment agreement for a minimum of three-year-long period including a severance pay and a six-month-long probation period.

Besides covering the interview and the language course, Swedish employers often offer several forms of financial and moral benefits as well, such as subsidy for settlement or moving house. They are cooperative and helpful regarding the integration of family members (finding a pace for the children in school or kindergarten, finding a job for the spouses, etc.).

The average starting salary for a specialist is 50-60,000 SEK, specialist candidates can expect a pay of 30-50 000 SEK while a newly qualified doctor can receive 25-29 000 SEK, albeit, their chances for employment are quite low. The hourly rate of duties is two-three times of those of the normal rate, the number of compulsory duties is low, further duties can be undertaken on voluntary basis. The dentist’s salaries are significantly lower than those of the specialists’: the most experienced dentists are paid on the level of the starting medical specialist, and salaries are increased annually by cc. 1,000 SEK.

Chances for finding a job
According to our experience, at the moment psychiatrists, GP-s and internists have the highest chance to find a position in Sweden. Obviously, a legitimate degree represents a significant advantage, but those who already speak Swedish have high chances, too.

Not long ago, residents had a fair chance to find a job; however, today Swedes usually seek specialists, especially the ones who have profound experience. In spite of the general tendency, however, in some instances we can find a position to specialist-candidates, too.

Employers prefer those applicants who intend to move to Sweden together with their families, because it indicates that they wish to dedicate themselves to the job concerned for a longer period than those far more mobile candidates arriving alone.

Current job offers in Sweden