”I have worked with mediFLEXible in 1,5 years and during this time recruited eight doctors with different specialties. Cooperation with mediFLEXible has worked very well. They work seriously and the contacts have worked very smoothly. I can highly recommend them.”
Carina  Burman
Personalkonsult, Länssjukhuset Sundsvall-Härnösand


”We’ve worked with mediFLEXible for nearly 6 years and they’ve been a great help in finding candidates for our vacancies. They’re hard working, helpful and conscientious. We strongly recommend them”
Paul Brooks
EU Health Staff Ltd


”It has been a pleasure to cooperate with mediFLEXible, because I think it is a serious and trustworthy company who wants the absolute best for both their clients and the doctors!”
Kristina Mårtensson
Länssjukhuset Sundsvall-Härnösand, Verksamhetsschef Psykiatri


”A mediFLEXible véleményünk szerint korrekt, precíz cég, munkájukat kifogástalanul végzik. Az együttműködés állásközvetítő cég és állást kereső orvos között különböző hosszúságú lehet, sőt az együttműködés intenzitása is folyamatosan változik, hiszen vannak kifejezetten nagy ”energiaigényű” időszakok mindkét fél részéről. A felmerülő problémákhoz mindig segítőkészséggel álltak, minden tőlük nyert információ pontosan megállta a helyét. A velük való együttműködés gyakorlatilag zökkenőmentessé tette az egész folyamatot; álláskeresés-találás, nyelvtanfolyam, kitelepülés. Köszönjük!”
Dr. Nagy Mária, aneszteziológus és Dr. Vilhelm Róbert, sebész szakorvos


”We can say that we are so happy and satisfied with our life in Kalix and Sweden at all. We have been surrounded by so much attention and friendship since the beginning. We are so pleasantly surprised by the people here. All of them want to help us and actually they have been helping us in every our step.
They provided us initially very comfortable and free accommodation for one month until we managed to find our current house for rent which is wonderful and we like very much.
They helped us with our daughter’s school. She started without any problem and now she is happy with her school which is very good and actually by far better than her previous English school.
When we arrived here we were supported with considerable sum for our moving expenses. We have been receiving our salaries since the beginning which are bigger than previous English nevertheless we have only been learning Swedish so far. They helped us to open bank account during the first week and organized our application for person number in the third day of our arrival. We received it by post after 14 days.
Now I would like to send you my first impressions from the hospital. It is too different from Bulgarian and NHS hospitals. It is so calm and spacey place, very good organization and high level of proficiency.
Finally we all want to thank you and to your whole agency for all that you have done for us because of that we are now here.”
Many regards
Dr Ivan Stremski and his family


Vi, i Landstinget Gävleborg, är mycket nöjda med vårt samarbete med Mediflexible. De är seriösa, tillmötesgående och flexibla i sitt arbetssätt.
Ingela Kofoed Pedersen
Landstinget Gävleborg